The grow-up in Hina | Hinamatsuri Episode 4 Review

After what Hina did in Nitta’s home, which can be considered as Cleaning, he finally can’t stand anger in his inner heart anymore, so he drives Hina away for his valuable antiques.

(Bye…Good luck)

(Picture taken from the anime on Bilibili by myself)

Though she apologizes seriously, Nitta is rather upset and angry about Hina this time.

Here, I feel excited when Hina is driven away. What I thought is, Hina is not a real daughter but a dangerous bomb, why is Nitta supposed to care for her all the time?

Then, my angle Anzu stars to provide food and shelter for Hina. However, three days later, she also drives Hina away since Hina is full of laziness like eating others’ results of effort and sleeping for a whole day. I also are unable to tolerate Hina’s lazy behaviours.

As a result, Hina joins a band and makes money with other members together for buying an similar vase for Nitta.

When Hina has nothing to eat, she has to be independent and works hard on her own so that she can still get her caviar from Nitta again.

Similarly, when raising a child as the parent, most parents do everything for their children and these children become lazy.

Only when they are forced to be independent, they’ll.

On the contrary, both lovely Anzu and Hitomi are working hard by themselves though the far difference of salary really exists.

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Labour is really hard | Hinamatsuri Episode 3 Review

Since Anzu steals too much food in the stores, she is going to be caught by a large batch of people. She runs into a small path and a kind tramp takes in her. After one day’s hard working, she got only 690 yen which equals to three or four instant noodles she stole before.

(Picture taken from the anime on Bilibili by myself)At night, they go back to the group of picking up rubbish for life and have a welcome meeting for Anzu. She thinks she bought the alcohol for them, yet they ignore her. Thus, she is really discontented and upset. After she sings the unpleasant song, everyone starts apologizing to Anzu and they became close friends soon.
Some days after, Nitta meets Anzu next to one of the trash bins on the street. Nitta wants to give Anzu 40,000 yen. She thinks of the kind tramp groups. As a result of this, she refuses Nitta’s money immediately.

(Don’t underestimate me.)
(Picture taken from the anime on Bilibili by myself)She goes back as soon as Nitta and his footman are going to leave and gets the money again.

(Picture taken from the anime on Bilibili by myself)

However, as soon as she gets the money and wants to share with her tramp friends, most of the money is returned back to these stores. She becomes poor again with less than three coins disappointedly.

(This smile should be protected by me!!)

(Picture taken from the anime on Bilibili by myself)

Though she is not the main character in the story, what she experience is far more important than what Hina get! Thus, I prefer Anzu!!! (personal opinion)

Now, let’s start talk about the part-time job as a bartender for the top student Hitomi. In secondary school, she is threatened by her photo by Utako. With Kami Hitomi’s unique talent in mixing drinks, her mixtures are well-known and popular in the bar, even liked by her teachers.

(Picture taken from the anime on Bilibili by myself)

Nitta suggests Hina to live based on roaming about everywhere with Anzu.

This is what happened in Hina’s nightmare:

(Plz…Give me some caviar…)

(Picture taken from the anime on Bilibili by myself)

In terms of her great desire on caviar, she decides to be more obedient, like doing housework and letting Nitta eat more.

(Clean house)

(Then you eat the more one(◔◡◔)


However, things is going worse and worse…



What will happen to Hina then?

(QUIETLT: That’s why prefer Anzu…)

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Really funny faces of two superhuman girls | Hinamatsuri Episode 2 Review

A new girl call Anzu with the superhuman power comes on stage!! For her first time of coming on stage, she killed the whole underworld group!


(Picture taken from the anime on Bilibili by myself)

Due to Nitta’s curiosity of exploring something new and the desire of being dad of superhuman power girls who have tremendous tummy, he starts to follow the tracks of the new girl Anzu. From this part, Nitta’s characteristic which is curious about everything new all the time can be illustrated in the clear way.


(Picture taken from the anime on Bilibili by myself)

When Nitta knows that the new girl Anzu is looking for Hina, Nitta decides to let Hina meet Anzu because of his strong desire to survive, where we can see Nitta’s adorkable.


(It’s so painful… Why…)

(Picture taken from the anime on Bilibili by myself)

Nonetheless, what Anzu wants to do with Hina is to battle so that they are able to decide who is more powerful. To some degrees, he even save the whole humanity by changing the rule from fighting with power into tolerating not to turn the head in the opponent’s power. Hina must consider caviar as part of her life already. When Nitta tells Hina that she can get caviar if she wins, as a result of this, we get to know the funny GIF below.




Here, we can know that food can buy most characters with superhuman power off, for example, coffee jelly for Saiki Kusuo, canned coffee forAccelerator, Dorayaki for Doraemon andSpecially Prepared Beef for One-Punch Man.

It’s useful to provide food!!

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Magical setting | Hinamatsuri Episode 1 Review

Today, we don’t need to go to school because of The Chinese Grade 12’s National College Entrance Examination. Therefore, I started to watch one of the popular animations, Hinamatsuri, which started playing in April.

(Picture taken from Baidu Baike)

When I decided to watch this anime, everything is due to the exquisite cover image. Transparent orange balls are flying in the sky with people’s heads in them.

When the first episode started to play, I even considered that I was watching an anime made by China due to the Chinese boxing, which showed that the setting of the anime couldn’t be normal anymore and it seemed a little bit Chuunibyou. Suddenly, the timeline changes into the home of a member of the underworld, Nitta, in three years ago’s Japan. An unknown iron ball which seems full of power hits Nitta ’s head. The following day, he opened the ball. Here we can see that Nitta is willing to explore something new (which can also be shown in episode 2).

(Picture taken from the anime on Bilibili by me)

At first, Nitta doesn’t want to provide Hina clothes and food. In fact, after realizing the dangerous superhuman abilities of Hina, Nitta has to take care of Hina and meet her every wilful demand. Here, we can see that Nitta has a strong desire to live and he is extremely generous which is a contrast to his identity of a member of the underworld.

When I saw Hina finish her physical exercise, she recognizes the promise to Nitta, which said that it’s not allowable to use the superhuman power, and obeys it. Here I can feel Hina is obedient, and I am even moved by the trust father-daughter relationship between Hina and Nitta for one second. However, the exploration caused by Hina later lets me feel pitiful for Nitta’s valuable antique a lot. I reckon that Nitta doesn’t send Hina away can really show that he is rather generous.

Then, Nitta finally realizes that Hina’s power can help him earn money, so he takes to the forests. Nitta shows his surprise without concealing, which means that he is a really adorkable underworld member. This part can illustrate that Nitta’s contrasting adorable better so that the magical setting can attract more audience.

(Picture taken from the anime on Bilibili by me)

Later, when Nitta praises Hina’s superhuman power for the money in the car, Hina disappointedly says that this is the familiar expression in “that big boss”’s eyes. The words of Hina make me start to be curious about the past life of Hina, where shows the miracle of the story setting.

Nitta gets the task of killing which is totally different from what he needed to do in the past. He is frightened. Due to the happiness got from Nitta, Hina decides to help Nitta since she only needed to follow the orders in the past world(Similar with Violet Evergarden in January). In this new world, Hina gets warmth from Nitta, which makes me moved from my inner heart for their father-daughter love.

(↑I’m happy to stay with Nitta.)
(Picture taken from the anime on Bilibili by me)

Nitta’s value concept of labor that work is supposed to get remuneration let me feel Nitta is even just as a member of underworld.

(Picture taken from the anime on Bilibili by me)

For the magical and funny setting, I decide to continue watching! (I also want a dad like Nitta!!!)

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